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Besame Mucho

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Bésame Mucho” (Spanish: [ˈbesame ˈmutʃo]; “Kiss Me A Lot”) is a bolero song written in 1932 by Mexican songwriter Consuelo Velázquez.[2] It is one of the most popular songs of the 20th century and one of the most important songs in the history of Latin music. It was recognized in 1999 as the most recorded and covered song in Spanish of all time.[3][4] Famous versions were sung by Trio Los Panchos and female vocalist Gigliola Cinquetti in 1968, and by Dalida in 1976. English lyrics to it were written by Sunny Skylar. It inspired the cult indian song, Yeh Samaa Samaa Hai Pyar Ka, sung by Lata Mangeshkar in the film Jab Jab Phool Khile[5][better source needed]

The song appeared in the film Follow the Boys (May 5, 1944) when it was played by Charlie Spivak and his Orchestra[6] and in Cowboy and the Senorita (May 13, 1944) with vocal by Dale Evans.[7]


According to Velázquez, she wrote this song even though she had never been kissed yet at the time, and kissing, as she heard, was considered a sin.[8][9]

She was inspired by the piano piece “Quejas, o la Maja y el Ruiseñor“, from the 1911 suite Goyescas by Spanish composer Enrique Granados, which he later also included as “Aria of the Nightingale” in his 1916 opera of the same name.[2]

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